Wednesday, May 30, 2012

uTower - My UDK project

This isn't an announcement so much as it is a cave in of needing somewhere to post about this. I don't want to generate hype about it, but I feel the need to chronicle my progress somewhat.


Is the working name for the tower defense game I have been mulling over since about christmas-ish. You can read the concept doc here.

Monday, May 28, 2012

An invigorating job offer

I think I may have peed my pants a little

When my mate John Hannagan told me that Immersive Technologies were looking for modellers. So when I sent them my resume and portfolio, and they rang back for a video conference interview, I puked rainbows into the sky, where they exploded into a million pieces and formed the stars. It's one thing to get compliments from fellow modellers, but when a professional modelling firm looks at my portfolio and is still interested in hiring me, it makes my head expand to nigh-critical mass dimensions. That day, my ego blocked out the sun.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Blackford Stormington's Canine Pedestrial Assistolumundus!

Not enough time in the day to take your best friend for a rigorous constitutional? Stresses of ultra-modern life weighing you down? Overweight and lazy? Then look no further than the latest in Assistolumundus™ technology!

From the brains behind the Terry Toilsworth Tarry-no-more and the Automatronic Runcible Spoon comes the finest in modern lifestyle-augmentation design! A brand new approach to canine walking, the CPA ensures that old Rover gets the exercise he needs. With the newest Assistolumundus apparatus you'll find more hours in the day for your scholarly pursuits! The finest machining guarantees longevity of service and minimal parts-replacment, as you can see in the following demonstratory motion image reel:

Order yours today!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The benefits of going to "work"

I work a job on a week on week off roster, which affords me the luxury of working fulltime on my models/games every second week. I treat this as an opportunity to "dip my toe" into the work-at-home-as-a-desperate-indie-dev lifestyle that I am clutching at strings to obtain. The problem is finding the line between leisure mentality and work mentality.

When working round the year and having only the weekends and after work to model, I would have to smash out my models at top speed just to keep up. This attitude translated fantastically to working with lots of time, oh man did I get some shit done, but lately I have noticed that with plenty of time to spare, I have more time to waste. It's hard to admit, but there are real downsides to fulltime home work, and subsequent upsides to what I call "work work".