Thursday, September 18, 2014

Source compiling issues AGAIN

So I recently tried to compile a model for source and received a semi-cryptic error in the form of:

WARNING: *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid minor version!
WARNING: *** Encountered VTF file with an invalid full header!

I also had two materials on my model. The materials were in separate directories. I don't think either of those points were the problem. Considering it said the vtf file has issues I figured it was the vtf at fault. I had been using vtfedit to convert my png's to vtf's and I guess I hit a flag somewhere or something.

I fixed the problem by exporting my vtf from GIMP instead of converting it with vtfedit. I get the feeling I did something else too though. If that doesn't work for you, read on.

Most errors from the source engine are cryptic at best and I spend most of my time troubleshooting. Somehow I haven't been stumped yet.

Things I did to troubleshoot this one:

  • re-compile and change the material to a valve one
  • change the vtf conversion software (vtfEdit, GIMP, PS, VIDE etc)
  • drop it back to a single material (which didn't make a difference for me)
  • re-compile the model to a different directory
  • simplify the .vmt file to locate the issue
  • simplify the .vtf file (try a white fill, for example, or resize)
  • move to UE4 and never look back

Can't wait to move to an engine that doesn't suck both my balls at the same time, chipmunk style.

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