Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Character Model Milestone

Okay first off,

And secondly,

Get the picture?

I was recently accosted

By an internet person about a model commission through m4m. They said they wanted a character model for their mod. At this stage the furthest I had got in character modelling was a few heads, some wrinkle studies and some old catastrophes from my noob days, which will never see the light of the internet. So I was understandably excited to finally have a really good reason to try out my newfound pole and loop skills.

The subject was Brad Pitt from the final scenes of se7en, as seen here:

I discovered that I don't like sculpting, nor does my little laptop, so I made the highpoly model entirely by hand, vert by vert. This may sound like a long slow process, but I find it to be the most effective and enjoyable way to model. I love throwing loops around my model and trying to make them all play nicely. It's like a big puzzle game, but the puzzles are what you make of them. By the time I had finished one leg I had the sense of satisfaction a dog gets from a well buried bone.

I think that any modellers first complete character model is a big milestone. To be able to say that I have a finished character model in my portfolio makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's like I've finally reached the next level of modelling. I walked across those smouldering coals barefoot, bitch.

While I stew in my own self appointed adulation, you can go ahead and look at all the fantastic character models everyone else has made. I'll be right along soon.

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