Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lunchtime with Melonhead and The Thumb

"So you're just handing over all your work to this random internet guy?" Melonhead leaned back in his corner-booth seat and raised a quizzical eyebrow. The bustle of the restaurant was muffled by the plush cushioned backs and the privacy of the booth often led to long boozy conversations.

"Well it's not that bad, we're using an SVN" I retorted.

"Wo wo wo, enough with the mysterious acronyms" The Thumb stopped slurping her wonton soup to interject. "we're all friends here, ok?"

I rolled my eyes, "We're sharing our work. It's not like he has anything up on me, he knows me just about as much as I know him. The internet isn't totally infested with perverts hellbent on fleecing absolutely everyone, it's the two thousands, bro."

"Why do you have to rely on a random internet person though?" Melonhead picked his teeth with a carefully selected nail. "There's nerds wherever you go"

"This is a different level of nerdism. I need talented, motivated nerds. Not lazy console nerds. I'm making games, not just playing them."

The Thumb wiped her mouth with a bright red paper napkin "But you want to go into business with this guy that you have never met. What's to say he's not just going to let you do all the work and reap the benefits?"

"Because I can't do all the work. That's why we've teamed up. I can't do what he can and he can't do what I can." I turned to the window and watched bored shoppers meander through advertisements "If I'm ever going to make a crust from this hobby I have to stick my neck out, and it's the same for the other dude."

"It just seems like you'd be better off with someone who lives down the street from you"

"I don't know anyone in this whole state that would be remotely interested in this, let alone be able to contribute. Most indie companies are formed through uni or friends from school, I don't have those avenues." My tone was a bit whinier than I expected. "The only other option I have is to employ freelancers and that's even more risky because they don't care how it turns out, and my money could be thoroughly wasted" I motioned helplessly to the empty glasses on the table "I'm not going to sit around and wait for something to fall into my lap, I've been working solo for long enough to realise it sucks and I need external help. This could turn into a beautiful union of creative masterminds or it could turn into an embarrassing mistake. Ultimately it's a mistake I'll have to make." I turned back to my uncaptivated audience "I'm sick of seeing resources dry up and niches being filled, I have to do this while I can or I'll be sitting here in ten years time having the same conversation."

Outside Monty strained against his leash, back legs forcing his throat into the chokehold of his collar. Hacking and spluttering he tried to bark at the other dogs trotting past. But no matter how much he pushed, the knot would never simply untie itself.

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