Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coding ecstasy

So i've been coding

In php and javascript for the past few days, and it is an alarmingly addictive process. In fact I think it harbours a lot of the hallmarks of addictive drugs. The way addictive drugs work is the first time you use them you experience a great high and have a great time, then as you use them more times you have some bad experiences as well. But then you have a good experience and it far outweighs the bad.

When I'm coding I often work for hours on one simple little function, and the code teases me by doing either nothing or crazy random stuff, and I spend more time bugsquashing than actually coding.

But that one minute when my function works

Oh man. Fantastic. I am a coding god. Javascript is a peon toiling in the infertile fields of my oppressed kingdom and must answer to my every whimsical desire. I throw my arms up in the air amd wave them around like I just don't care. This is what edison must have felt like when he invented antibiotics. This is real acheivement.

Then it's back to hours of painstaking bugchecking and confusion because I forgot to capitalise a letter somewhere. Or I used an inverted comma instead of a quotation mark. Oh man I cannot count the amount of times that has happened.

I think amyone who has coded much knows what I am talking about, even if I am only coding lowly js and php.

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