Thursday, July 28, 2011

Prop modelling

Well this was supposed to be a modelling blog

And so far all I've done is waffle on about coding, games dev and "the industry" So I figure it's about time I actually showed some models. BUT not without waffling on a bit more, after all "blog" stands for "Batman lingers overhead gruesomely", and that means you have to type stuff AND things. In that order.

I have been spending most of my modelling time lately modelling props for a few mods, and it's ok I guess. I think I have the workflow down pat, the last models I made (the wooden pillars) only took me about two hours each from concept to finito. Which is a nice turnaround I guess. But the problem with prop modelling is it really gives you no portfolio pieces. Sure nice props can really help make a games visuals pop, and custom props seem to be in short supply for source mods, but no one is immediately impressed by a bunch of chairs and boxes. Portfolio pieces have to show really detailed intense models. Characters are portfolio killers for sure, and all of my current forays into organic character modelling are... short of the mark.

So for lack of anything worth portfolio entry

I give you "allmyprops.vmf". Well, I give you pictures of it. Luckily, this isn't literally all the props I have made, just all the ones for the current two mods I am modelling for. Without further ado:

These mods are unannounced, so consider this a sneak preview, and expect to see them in a mod soon!

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